VIZIO presents its project and brand dedicated primarily to bathroom solutions. All products are designed and created following the philosophy from Germany where Design is the key but focus remains on highest quality, functionality and always with new ideas!
VIZIO provides total solution of modern bathroom, from water closet, wash basin, faucet, shower to accessories.


Standard and strict product quality control
Top quality and contemporary design with democratic price
Corporate responsibility of national culture



Through our design it is possible to provide a sense of unity, coherence and individuality to products. It also brings added value and must be taken into consideration in the creation of a good environment. Our globally employed designers understood the market and demand. Diverge and converge are taken place afterwards. We generate many different ideas and go through a scientific analysis to come a practical and functional piece of art.
To make a prototype that validate the solution, with numerous tests to make sure the product is welcomes by users.


Designing and engineering as well as testing is done entirely and only in house at VIZIO, making use of its 40 year experience in the branch, knowing which mistakes can happen and how to avoid them. All claims have been handled by our engineers so that they learned what goes wrong in everyday use so to improve products in shortest time by changing production methods or materials if necessary.



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